Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just got back from New Orleans. A lot of sleep later, here we are. The recording went very well. Recorded at the new Listen Up! Studios with Michael Seaman and Ben Roberts. David Vandervelde also came, and superlatives aren't enough. We had so much fun. Record took an immediate direction, and it sounds like an album. Of course, we did nothing to address the unfinished Ghetto Tested sessions, Sea Garden Blues sessions, or Wild and Free. But that's okay. Charles Dye and I talked yesterday and we'll be starting final mixes on Sea Garden Blues in early June. So either, there'll be a lot of music at the end of the year, or.....
The titles of the songs that David, Michael, Ben and I have started are:
Bedroom Walls
Black on Black Night
Gas & Matches
Wildflower Winds
This Summer
Robert's Bar

Sounds like half an album right?

The first 2 songs that Charles and I are going to mix in early June for Sea Garden Blues are:
Sea Garden Blue
Jesus Christ

So, a lot of stuff going on at once, which is the way I like it. I also have 2 tours in the works. One in late july or mid august with Mike Dunn & TKONE. One in mid Sept with Gasoline Heart. Both will be east coast only runs. Hope all is well.