Saturday, February 20, 2010


yeah, it's been a while huh? I have been working day and night (construction) and recording another band (Sweet Bronco - such a great, great band) at E-Land. Not much sleep, and not much time to record Wild and Free. But the majorly good news is that I have also had the time to finish my main record. Confused? Me too. I have about 18 records almost done. BUT, the exception is that "Shadows of the Summertime" is now finished and being mastered by Alex Lowe (as I type). I'm not on Vagrant anymore (another blog or maybe just not at all) so the next step I guess is to send it out to labels I like and see what is out there for me. The record is the best I have been a part of. The majority of it was recorded in New Orleans at Listen Up! Studios by Michael Seaman with Ben Roberts assisting and David Vandervelde playing nearly every instrument in sight. Dan Bonebrake contributed of course, as did Chris Wood. Marc Ward at Elegbaland in Lake Worth recorded most all of my vocals and some B3 and guitars as well. I feel like I am forgetting someone.
Anyways, very exciting. I know it's been a while between releases for me. I have recorded a ton of stuff, but it really just came down to this group of people getting it done. And it sounds amazing. So, I guess all that to say, Hi again. Maybe I'll see ya around soon.