Monday, March 30, 2009

Picture Parade

Cat and Mouse

So, a very few things have been getting done lately. It's been difficult scheduling everyone etc...But Dan came and played bass the other day for Bethlehem and it is in my Top 3 Dan Basslines. And it is my favorite bass tone I have ever recorded. I don't have a lot to say tonight. But my pictures will have to do. I went to the studio the other day and Daisy literally was on the console attacking my hand every time I touched the mouse. Hilarious. Didn't get a thing done that night. Hope all is well. Picture Parade.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fight Songs

So I wrote a new one called Fight Songs. Really pleased with it. Jeff came by and tracked drums today. It's about 2:14 in length. A lot of these songs are short and sweet. Some are even shorter than Needle Bed's songs. I have moved on from "Undertow" maybe I'll get back to it. Michael played me some drum stuff that he has worked on for me over the phone and I am really excited to get that back in hand. He had been working on "Overboard" and "I Walked Every Step of the Way." 
It's starting to get hot here already. Ah, the Florida season(s). Watched that Angelina Jolie movie Wanted. It's OK. I tried last night and fell asleep to it. Finished it today. Planted a Starburst in my front yard beneath my front window. Green and purple. They are really beautiful plants. 
Tomorrow and more drums.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Undertow Take 1

A new song I started last morning that I may record today. I need to work o the chorus, but I like the verse a lot.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Sunday/Monday Na Na Na Na Na Na
So good to meeee
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Good couple of days. Sunday my friend Jonathan Wilkins of Postmarks fame came over and we laid down some drums for Songs 2 &3 of a Trilogy about a man who became a fish after he got killed by paratroopers. Song 2 of said Trilogy is called "I Walked Every Step of the Way" in which the former man (now a fish, duh, follow along) explains to his fellow fish how he got from place to place up on dry land. Song 3 of said Trilogy is called "Overboard." In this song, we hear about the man-fish adjusting to his new life and living near the surface so as to keep as near as possible to his former people. Got it? Like in Star Wars, I'll tell you about the first installment later. Like a prequel. AAAAnnnnyways. That was fun. Jon also played drums on "Bethlehem," which so far is really coming out nicely. Still has room for some nice guitar. Maybe slide?
Today was Monday. Got an early start and did mostly clerical work. Sent some files to my friend and yours, Michael Seaman (Needle Bed, Sorry Vampire engineer/producer), of Listen Up! Studios New Orleans fame. He has agreed kindly to help and I sense an 808 Loop coming our way folks. Near future.
Then I played piano on a song Jeff laid down drums to on Saturday called Pearl. Piano came out really nice. And that was it for "Wild and Free." Lot of time in the studio, but not a whole ton to show for it. Hey folks, some times that's the way the eggshell cracks. 
Stay tuned in on your spherical dials.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday, picture park.

In these photos:

Saturday, in the park.

I woke up too early this AM. Went to buy lawn furniture with Marc from a nice woman named Lois...who happened to be in the "music business." She is in radio. I gave her a copy of Needle Bed. Wouldn't it be amazing if she got me some airplay? Anyhow, I ended up buying sooo much stuff that Rob had to help me haul it all away. Oh, back to the story. She said she saw Frampton in Nashville the other night. I told Jeff that story. He said, "Frampton? In Nashville? That doesn't sound right." But I bet it was all right if old Pete brought the Talk Box. Heil.

We got Bass on the first song "Wild and Free" (note Dan's new 62 P-Bass in Olympic White).We ran him direct through the Radial DI and through the Gibson Starfire, which is my fave amp for Bass right now. We mic'd that up with another favorite: the Cascade Vin Jet. Also, Jeff got drums done on "I Will Become" and a song called "Pearl." Rob was there for a while making sure things were up to par. Got an encouraging phone call from a friend I hadn't talked to in a while. 

Marc came up with a really cool idea for a piano sound on Bethlehem, and I put a rough vocal down. The piano part is WAY more exciting than the rough vocal. The rough vocal is rufff. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bethlehem, Part II

So, I re-worked the song for a few hours til I was happy with it. Went to the studio and Marc tracked the acoustic. I used my Gibson LG-1. I have to tape it up quite a it cause there is a nasty rattle. I think the pickguard needs to be re-glued. Anyhow...
I actually started the day off working around the house. Took a walk with the dogs. Pre-coffee. Saw a couple of wicker/metal chairs in a neighbors trash pile. So I took them home and spray painted them white. They look really nice. Then I pulled some weeds and watered my palm trees. I am in the neverending process of making my yard nice. Three years of touring has made it look unkempt. Full of weeds. Dried out grass. 
Then I finished my coffee and worked on Bethlehem for a few hours. Tracked it. Then I tried another song, realized I hadn't eaten all day, and called it a night. Feel super weak right now. A lot of my friends are sick so I hope this isn't a harbinger of ill. 
The acoustic sounds are amazing though. We used the Peluso P12 and the Shure SM 81. I hadn't used this combo before and it sounded great through the Uinversal Audio Pre's and the Summit Audio Compressors. 
Tomorrow, Jeff and Dan are sure to arrive to Bass and Drum and Trumpet. Ta Ta.


I usually write in a notebook, so I was surprised to find this song on my computer. I figured it was a sign. I remember writing it on a Saturday AM. So, this is what I will go into the studio with today:

Think on me lovingly
If you think of me at all
Disconnect me from the power lines
In your brain' s hallowed halls
Be With Me Now
Be With Me Now
I've bowed my head to walk the miles
Back to Bethlehem

Sweet Lord I've been suffering
There's a war inside my head
I used to be sure of many things
But those knots came loose I'm afraid
Be with me now
Be with me now
I've bowed my head to walk the miles
Back to Bethlehem

B B (add G# bass)
Salt in the wounds
Supper on the vine
B B (add G# bass)
I've got legs and arms that work
But a heart that will not climb
F# E
Speak for me now
F# E
Speak for me now
B F# B E
My throat is dull from cannibals
E F# B
Along the road to Bethlehem

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got a lot done today, but not as much as I'd have liked. All in all, a good day. Oh, and I am celebrating by listening to ELO and drinking a Famosa. ELO = great. Famosa = not so great, but reminds me of a great tour with my friends the Modern Skirts (Jeff, Susan, Dan, and I did that one together).
Dan was sick today, so no Bassing nor Trumpeting was done. That worked out OK though cause I came up with a really cool synth part using my Yamaha CS1x. The patch I used was called "Fragile" ironically enough. 
I also started Song #2, which is called "I Will Become." Jeff came by the studio today and we sketched out an idea. But Marc Ward, who owns Elegbaland (my studio for those that don't know) was sick as well so I didn't want to wake him up with the drums. So Jeff came back to the house and you've heard the rest: ELO and Famosa. 
Tomorrow I hope to start earlier. We'll see where the spirit leads.

I Will Become (Verse 1)

Here is my latest in technological advances. Matt Rubin would be so proud. Here is a video of verse 1 for the song I am working on today. Bye. Bye.

Day One and Two

Day One was Monday, which was a day off from work. After a year away from touring (has it been more than a year now?) I have a lot of demos and unfinished albums. But I wrote a song recently called Wild and Free and it sort of shone a light down a path that seems right. So, Monday I went to Elegbaland with Marc Ward and we started the process. Piano and Vocals are done. I played drums last night (couldn't get a hold of Jeff) and was happy with the result. The song is 2 minutes long and will be the opener. Dan of course will be by today at 4ish and we will Bass and maybe Trumpet. Already I know which song will be Song #2. So, now, I will finish lyrics and drink my coffee. The dogs are sleeping on the couch and it is oh so tempting to be lazy today. Nico is snoring.