Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday, in the park.

I woke up too early this AM. Went to buy lawn furniture with Marc from a nice woman named Lois...who happened to be in the "music business." She is in radio. I gave her a copy of Needle Bed. Wouldn't it be amazing if she got me some airplay? Anyhow, I ended up buying sooo much stuff that Rob had to help me haul it all away. Oh, back to the story. She said she saw Frampton in Nashville the other night. I told Jeff that story. He said, "Frampton? In Nashville? That doesn't sound right." But I bet it was all right if old Pete brought the Talk Box. Heil.

We got Bass on the first song "Wild and Free" (note Dan's new 62 P-Bass in Olympic White).We ran him direct through the Radial DI and through the Gibson Starfire, which is my fave amp for Bass right now. We mic'd that up with another favorite: the Cascade Vin Jet. Also, Jeff got drums done on "I Will Become" and a song called "Pearl." Rob was there for a while making sure things were up to par. Got an encouraging phone call from a friend I hadn't talked to in a while. 

Marc came up with a really cool idea for a piano sound on Bethlehem, and I put a rough vocal down. The piano part is WAY more exciting than the rough vocal. The rough vocal is rufff. 

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  1. a few things for this fine monday morning.....
    1) Still diggin' on this blog.
    2) Dan's new bass is SWEET!
    3) Congrats on tracking some drums & bass, that is rad.
    4)Again, can't wait for the album, I will try to be patient.
    5) I have it on good authority that you do in fact get radio airplay. Although it may not be in SOFLA, here in the good ol' Texas panhandle, our local college station, FM 90(, which is actually one of the biggest stations in the area (pumps at 100,000 watts & covers about a 200 sq. mile radius) plays your tunes. You have been featured on the Indie Show several times.
    Thought that might make you smile!
    6) YOU ROCK, and that's all for now!

    Have a great week!