Monday, March 9, 2009


Sunday/Monday Na Na Na Na Na Na
So good to meeee
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Good couple of days. Sunday my friend Jonathan Wilkins of Postmarks fame came over and we laid down some drums for Songs 2 &3 of a Trilogy about a man who became a fish after he got killed by paratroopers. Song 2 of said Trilogy is called "I Walked Every Step of the Way" in which the former man (now a fish, duh, follow along) explains to his fellow fish how he got from place to place up on dry land. Song 3 of said Trilogy is called "Overboard." In this song, we hear about the man-fish adjusting to his new life and living near the surface so as to keep as near as possible to his former people. Got it? Like in Star Wars, I'll tell you about the first installment later. Like a prequel. AAAAnnnnyways. That was fun. Jon also played drums on "Bethlehem," which so far is really coming out nicely. Still has room for some nice guitar. Maybe slide?
Today was Monday. Got an early start and did mostly clerical work. Sent some files to my friend and yours, Michael Seaman (Needle Bed, Sorry Vampire engineer/producer), of Listen Up! Studios New Orleans fame. He has agreed kindly to help and I sense an 808 Loop coming our way folks. Near future.
Then I played piano on a song Jeff laid down drums to on Saturday called Pearl. Piano came out really nice. And that was it for "Wild and Free." Lot of time in the studio, but not a whole ton to show for it. Hey folks, some times that's the way the eggshell cracks. 
Stay tuned in on your spherical dials.


  1. i am going to go watch star wars now. at 3 am. thanks for that.

  2. dude, the man/fish trilogy is intriging.....can't wait to hear more!