Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got a lot done today, but not as much as I'd have liked. All in all, a good day. Oh, and I am celebrating by listening to ELO and drinking a Famosa. ELO = great. Famosa = not so great, but reminds me of a great tour with my friends the Modern Skirts (Jeff, Susan, Dan, and I did that one together).
Dan was sick today, so no Bassing nor Trumpeting was done. That worked out OK though cause I came up with a really cool synth part using my Yamaha CS1x. The patch I used was called "Fragile" ironically enough. 
I also started Song #2, which is called "I Will Become." Jeff came by the studio today and we sketched out an idea. But Marc Ward, who owns Elegbaland (my studio for those that don't know) was sick as well so I didn't want to wake him up with the drums. So Jeff came back to the house and you've heard the rest: ELO and Famosa. 
Tomorrow I hope to start earlier. We'll see where the spirit leads.

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