Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fight Songs

So I wrote a new one called Fight Songs. Really pleased with it. Jeff came by and tracked drums today. It's about 2:14 in length. A lot of these songs are short and sweet. Some are even shorter than Needle Bed's songs. I have moved on from "Undertow" maybe I'll get back to it. Michael played me some drum stuff that he has worked on for me over the phone and I am really excited to get that back in hand. He had been working on "Overboard" and "I Walked Every Step of the Way." 
It's starting to get hot here already. Ah, the Florida season(s). Watched that Angelina Jolie movie Wanted. It's OK. I tried last night and fell asleep to it. Finished it today. Planted a Starburst in my front yard beneath my front window. Green and purple. They are really beautiful plants. 
Tomorrow and more drums.


  1. I thought Wanted was okay too...not the best of films. I also didn't like the ending, it could have been different.

  2. I love the mane of that song. Thats my fave Old 97s record :-)