Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day One and Two

Day One was Monday, which was a day off from work. After a year away from touring (has it been more than a year now?) I have a lot of demos and unfinished albums. But I wrote a song recently called Wild and Free and it sort of shone a light down a path that seems right. So, Monday I went to Elegbaland with Marc Ward and we started the process. Piano and Vocals are done. I played drums last night (couldn't get a hold of Jeff) and was happy with the result. The song is 2 minutes long and will be the opener. Dan of course will be by today at 4ish and we will Bass and maybe Trumpet. Already I know which song will be Song #2. So, now, I will finish lyrics and drink my coffee. The dogs are sleeping on the couch and it is oh so tempting to be lazy today. Nico is snoring. 

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