Monday, April 20, 2009

Bethlehem Update

Finally got some time to myself and finished the main vocal and the harmony vocal for Bethlehem. Also, got a 12-string acoustic part done. And a pretty good idea of where the song is going. 
So, 2 songs now are nearly in the bag. Wild and Free. Bethlehem. Michael is working on Fight Songs and also on Overboard. As soon as I get those I am off to work on them. I am thinking of finishing as much as I can here in the next few weeks and then traveling to New Orleans to finish there at Listen Up Studios. We'll see. 
A new song called "I'm Not Your Man" is ready to be tracked. Really excited about that one. 

Meanwhile, my new band Invisible Music is nearly done with an album writing-wise. Not sure how we are gonna go about getting it done, but I want to do a live recording, all of us in the same room. Then go back and do vocal overdubs after. I need a building. 

Microphones of choice lately: SM57, Peluso P12
Gear of choice: UA 610, Distressor

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