Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Will Become

Cool last two days.
Got acoustics and piano and vocals done on "I Will Become." Elegbaland's new gear sounds soooo good. Retro 176. Amazing. Anyways, we are getting ever closer to finishing tracking "Wild and Free." This week I have a pretty cool show. I am playing at the Norton Art Museum in West Palm Beach. Solo acoustic. I am going to try to play every song on all three records. Some of these songs I have never played before. So, learning, translating,'s been pretty cool.  So, if you are local, come out Thursday. I start at 7. Hope all is well


  1. : )
    congrats on the new gear! everyone seems really stoked for it. have an awesome show as well....and as always, you rock!

  2. wish i could be there! enjoy your show, john.

    - elizabeth

  3. John please have someone record it! Then you can post it for us as a reward to waiting so long!

  4. yeah you def should have someone recorded i checked flights there from new york i only wish i had a little bit more money, enjoy the show! wish i could be there.

  5. as of wednesday night, i was still debating flying down, but it just wasn't in the stars. i hope it went well! and hopefully we'll see you soon. take care.

  6. Hey John wish I could have been there,
    Dylan Goodman